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Simon and Milly Run in the 2018 New York Marathon

In early November 2018, a year of solid training was put to the ultimate test. Simon and Milly nervously approached the start of a race with 52,000 participants – each intending to run the full 42 kilometres through the five Burroughs of New York. Huge crowds watched on as the runners traversed the (very long!) course – a real spectacle.

Together Simon and Milly donated over $7000 to the New York Kids charity. They trained hard and both finished in one piece!

New Your Marathon 2018 Finishers
New Your Marathon 2018 Finishers Simon and Milly

Milly has declared this to be her first and last marathon. She finished well with shin pain from periosteal haematomas as a lingering reminder – also with a huge sense of pride in the accomplishment.

“The only time I want is a finish time” was Simon’s mantra. Now, some weeks later, uninjured and forgetting some of the pain, his new comment is “never say never” to the prospect of another race.

New York was a fantastic experience. The training, finishing, donating to the NYKR charity has made 2018 a year to celebrate. Having a goal and going for it is motivating and enhances so much more in life.


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